2023 edition: european heritage label

Call for applications for the European Heritage Label

The European Heritage Label is a biennial initiative of the European Union. Its aim is to identify and highlight places that reflect European history. For the moment, sixty sites have obtained this label, among which four in Belgium. These are the Mundaneum in Mons, the Bois du Cazier in Marcinelle and the Colonies of Beneficence in Wortel (Hoogstraten) and Merksplas designed by the Brussels reformer Edouard Ducpétiaux. The colonies form a transnational file with the Netherlands.

Recently, on the occasion of the European selection 2021, a new Belgian site was nominated, namely the MigratieMuseumMigration in Brussels.

This year again, the national selection is launched and we are looking for new candidates to nominate for Europe.

The call documents:

Information and contact: LEROY Isabelle - +32(0)24328417

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