Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2019

You will be discovering Urban's second year report, about the year 2019, in a rather special context.

Like all other regions of the world, Brussels has not been spared by the sanitary crisis due to covid-19. This unprecedented situation flips our daily lives upside down and pushes us even more to question the future of our cities and living spaces.

The lockdown experience has made us more aware of the necessity to tend to the bond between people and their environment and buildings, to ensure our resilience, to design our cities based on the essential and vital needs of the inhabitants, and to support the necessary awareness-raising in society about the value of landscapes, their role and their transformation.

These unexpected circumstances have also compelled Urban, like any other institution, to completely rethink its organisation and procedures.

This document brings to light a few facts and projects that were significant for Urban in 2019. It also addresses certain ambitions that will continue to rally Urban's teams in the coming years.

annual report 2019

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