Art nouveau Brussels 2023

exhibition: Art nouveau on display !

As part of the Year of Art Nouveau 2023, the Halles Saint-Géry present a new exhibition with the participation of Tereza Sdralevich, Ammo and Elzo Durt: Art Nouveau on display!

This exhibition aims to reveal, through an infinitely generous medium, the talent and avant-garde choices of Belgian poster artists, the "Art Nouveau" and "Belle Epoque" style, and the city of Brussels that buzzes and lives behind the paper screens.

Visitors will be encouraged to follow an iconographic journey in three stages:

  • A presentation of an anthology of posters around the leading figures of Art Nouveau: Privat Livemont, Gisbert Combaz and Henri Meunier;
  • A selection of "Belle Époque" posters that differ from the "Art Nouveau" style through a series of more traditional and realistic aesthetic choices;
  • The presentation of three contemporary artists, Teresa Sdralevich, Ammo and Elzo Durt, who will take up the challenge of revisiting the Art Nouveau poster using their own worlds and codes.

By asking them to give their own 2023 version of the Art Nouveau poster, the exhibition is creating a strong link between heritage and contemporary creation.

© Charles Wagmann, Brussels, 1896
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