BruGIS is back !

BruGIS is back!

For the occasion, the BruGIS site has added on new layers of urbanistic information, valuable for professionals as well as every Brussels citizen. In collaboration with, the maps of the regional sustainable development plan (PRDD/GPDO) have been made available through the legend in the layers of the «» file.

Planning permits are also accessible by way of a direct link to the openpermits platform . The consolidation of the BruGIS infrastructure, carried out last spring, has substantially enhanced the reactivity and reliability of the site and the services it includes. This will allow for new, considerable information layers to be added to the catalogue in the future.

Take a look at the site and discover the rich source of information BruGIS has on offer for you. click here

**Image: BruGIS, from the Ferraris map (1777) to the map of planning permits of the Brussels-Capital Region (2020).
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