Call for contributions for Bruxelles Patrimoines concerning architects' private houses

It wants to draw attention to a particular aspect of Brussels architects' achievements. After all, their own homes offer a unique comprehension of the architects' professional, social, cultural and personal progress and track record. They constitute a wealth of information, as well as a specific challenge in terms of conservation, management and transfer of academic knowledge...

Therefore Bruxelles Patrimoines calls on architects, proprietors, occupants, enthusiasts, professionals and guides in the field of heritage, and so forth to share their experiences and knowledge with concern to these houses.

With this publication, Urban, as a public administration and expertise centre, wants to offer a global understanding of the topic. The easy to read, high quality and richly illustrated publication is aimed at a large and diverse public. The contributions can consider the subject from different angles, such as history, architecture, (interior) design, landscape architecture, technology, town planning, et cetera, and can take on a variety of forms like an article, a photo report, an interview...

The review's previous issues can be consulted online [revue bruxelles patrimoines] ( For all proposals or suggestions for contributions or questions regarding this project as well as detailed instructions for authors, please contact BOGAERTS Okke, Knowledge and Communication department: 02/432 85 12 (before 21 October 2021).

Durieu House (built in 1952-1954 by the architect Jacques Dupuis), Nicolas Schimp ©
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