Call for project designer

How to improve quality of life in cities through public space? How to make cities more resilient to global heating? How to better share public space and make more space for active modes of transport? How to offer quality living spaces?

All these questions lie at the heart of debates around planning public space. The different guides, directives and vade mecums relating to public space in Brussels, both on a regional and a municipal level, do not offer clear answers. More than ever, Brussels needs to develop a coherent, shared and sustained vision for developing public space.

To respond to this need, launches a tender with the aim of putting together a manual for public space projects in Brussels.

This manual will take the shape of a design guide in which the principles for the development of public space will be set out. The ambition is thus to develop and maintain coherence for guidelines concerning the comfort of users, the climate emergency, security and spatial quality alongside maintenance on so-called 'generic' roads and public spaces.

To deliver this mission, the client in looking for a team that contains at least the following expertise:

  • Design and delivery of public spaces (landscape / urbanism / architecture)
  • Mobility
  • Sustainability (environment/circularity)
  • Support for the process
  • Editorial and graphic design

Deadline for applications: 18 octobre 2021 at 12pm

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