Charles V, Dürer and the Aztec treasure

When the painter Albrecht Dürer arrived in Brussels in 1520, he encountered a flourishing city. In his travel diary, he left an astonishing testimony: he had seen, in the Coudenberg Palace, a treasure from the 'New Land of Gold', sent from Mexico by Hernán Cortés.

These precious and stunning objects impressed his contemporaries, stimulated the imagination and gave rise to legends. This multi-sensory exhibition retraces the discovery of these riches and their fate during the reign of Emperor Charles V. A themed immersion in the underground passages of place Royale, as part of the 500th anniversary of Dürer's journey to the Netherlands.

An initiative of Urban in collaboration with the Royal Museums of Fine Arts and the Coudenberg Palace. Scientific curators: Véronique Bücken / Cecilia Paredes. Artistic contributions: Sabrina Montiel-Soto.

More information: CURIOSA 06 July 2022 > 02 October 2022

© Sabrina Montiel Soto, CURIOSA Constellation
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