d-day of soignes forest

Together for the Sonian Forest! Are you coming?

Dive into the forest and meet the people who manage and protect it. And find out how you too can help protect this unique nature. Activities for everyone

The many forest partners and managers from the three Regions are offering activities to help you learn about and protect the forest:

  • guided tours
  • activities for families and children
  • awareness-raising actions
  • meetings with forest rangers

With a particular focus on:

  • nature, biodiversity, birds, trees, etc. in fact, the forest and its characteristics
  • the network of walks and jogging, cycling and horse riding paths
  • the enhancement of the cafe/restaurant, cultural, recreational and artistic offer that brings the forest to life throughout the year

Get involved to support the forest!: Do you care about the forest and want to contribute as a volunteer or guide? The partners will invite you to get involved and give you more information about its protection.

Small restaurant 'with forest views' and local products: Picnic made with Belgian produce and without pesticides, farmers' market and terraces 'with forest views' allow visitors to have a good time just in front of the forest and to taste local products.

The Sonian Forest Day activities are concentrated around the entrance gates: Rouge-Cloître, Hippodrome de Boitsfort, Groenendaal, Espinette Centrale, Jezus-Eik, Arboretum Tervuren, Park van Tervuren and Domaine Régional Solvay. Please walk, cycle or use public transport to reach the activities.

The Sonian Forest Day is coordinated by the Sonian Forest Foundation, with the support of the forest managers (Brussels Environment, Agentschap Natuur en Bos and the Department of Nature and Forests), the collaboration of the municipalities and thanks to the enthusiasm of all the stakeholders who get involved to organise free and interesting activities

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