exposition Down in the river underneath Parking 58

The exhibition is extended until mid-March 2022 due to its success!

This exhibition provides an opportunity to discover the archaeological excavations that Urban organised on the site of the former Parking 58 in 2019

The research has revealed some of the earliest (7th-10th centuries) history of Brussels linked to the river that is inseparable from its origins: the Senne. The banks were progressively developed from the 12th century onwards, while in the 14th century a quay was built along the river, which was re-dug by human hands.

The Senne is an important part of the city's social and economic history. Numerous objects from many different crafts and made of many different materials have been found in the riverbed and on the old eastern bank of the river.

Would you like to discover these remarkable excavations? Then don't miss this free exhibition at the Halles Saint-Géry.

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