Good Living

The Regional Urban Development Regulations provide a framework for all building or renovation projects as well as the design of public spaces.

In 2019, a proposed amendment was submitted to a public consultation, with many remarks as a result. So as to take into account these remarks and to deal with the new health and environmental challenges, the government has given Pascal Smet the task of bringing the rewriting of the Regional Urban Development Regulations to a successful conclusion. This step has led to the name Good Living.

The expert committee's report contains over 90 recommendations. They are cross-sectional and concern either the entire Regional Urban Development Regulations or specific themes. In the latter case, they are aimed at certain chapters of the Regional Urban Development Regulations.


  • Where the regulatory framework is concerned, it is better to set the target than the means of reaching it.
  • Give the Regional Urban Development Regulations a new structure, with three categories: Urbanity, Public Spaces, Habitability.
  • Strengthening the joint treatment of the urban planning authorisations as well as the capacity to motivate them based on the aims.

Three themes:

  • Urbanity.
  • Open spaces.
  • Habitability.
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