inventory of architectural heritage: 1939 - 1999

Contribute to the inventory of the architectural heritage built between 1939 and 1999

We are currently drawing up the architectural heritage inventory 1939-1999, and you can help. Since the beginning of this year, Urban has entrusted a consortium consisting of the ULB's architecture faculty and the institute for geography, environment and territorial development (IGEAT) with the task of mapping out this heritage and assessing it against objective criteria so as to reach a better understanding of this very productive and sometimes controversial building period.

Using a notification form on the website of the architectural heritage inventory.

You can suggest buildings or heritage elements from this period, which will then be tested against the objective criteria. A better knowledge of this building stock is after all a burning issue, seeing as many buildings from this period are undergoing a thorough renovation now or in the near future. The post-war heritage still suffers from a lack of recognition with regard to its historical and architectural qualities. There is a good reason for that ...The heritage from the pre-war period has been documented, valorised and renovated intensely for the past forty years.

It was also partly demolished and replaced by the heritage we are researching now. The pre-war architecture is predominantly a style architecture, whereas the post-war and modern architecture has fully deviated from that and has looked for new meanings through material use, new building techniques, comfort requirements accessible to the largest number of people or specific relations with the landscape.

This participative process offers anyone interested a chance to contribute in a meaningful way to a better knowledge of the rich post-war architectural heritage in the Brussels Capital Region.

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