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Jordaens at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts

The Holy Family, an authentic, rare and early work of Jacques Jordaens (1593-1678), was discovered during the inventory of the movable heritage of Saint-Gilles accomplished in 2019 by and the Institut royal du Patrimoine artistique - IRPA. This work is now exhibited in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium after more than a year of restoration.

Long considered to be a simple copy decorating the town hall of Saint-Gilles, it is in fact the oldest known version of a composition of the Holy Family, a model that the Antwerp Baroque master reused in three other of his paintings. The restoration campaign realized within IRPA and supported/financed by has allowed this masterpiece to regain its original brilliance, colours and style and to ensure its sustainable conservation for future generations.

Feel free to look at to discover the Saint-Gilles collection of Brussels' furniture heritage.

Artwork before/after restoration © KIK-IRPA,, MRBAB 2022
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