lambic Conservatory in the Gueuze Museum

Permit granted to Immo Cantillon SA for creating the Lambic Conservatory in the Gueuze Museum, in the rue Gheude 56 in Anderlecht.

The town planning permit application aims to arrange a new area in the attic of one of the two halls of the current Gueuze Museum, so as to create the Lambic Conservatory there.

The Gueuze Museum was created in 1978 by the family-owned brewery Cantillon, founded in 1900. The museum is open to the public on the ground floor with regard to the making of the beer. The new museum area upstairs will be dedicated to this product typical for the Senne Valley and Pajottenland: lambic, a beer that is more or less acidic depending on its age, without bubbles or foam, containing about 5° alcohol and used to make faro, gueuze and kriek.

The roof of the southern hall, which is lower than that of the northern hall and is used for barrel storage, will be raised to make room for the museum area. Creating a new staircase at the centre of the building leading to the higher floors of both halls will be done with respect for the existing structure.

Exceptional fact: this project does not require an EPB certificate, seeing as producing lambic requires a cool environment. We bow to this world heritage!

Architecture firm "Générale"

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