launch of logistics workshop

There are only a few days left to register for the launch event of the RENOLUTION logistics workshop! What does it involve?

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving living comfort and reducing energy costs for the people of Brussels, the Brussels-Capital Region has launched RENOLUTION, a regional building renovation strategy. Its objective is to achieve an average energy performance level of 100 kWh/m²/year for all Brussels housing by 2050, i.e. average consumption divided by 3 compared to the current situation! A real energy revolution has been launched.

RENOLUTION's "Logistics" workshop is part of the working group dedicated to local production and logistics of the "Shifting Economy" regional economic transition strategy. This workshop deals with issues related to the infrastructure for hosting companies (storage spaces, small workshops, logistics hubs, consolidation centres for Brussels companies, etc.) so they can be adapted to the construction and renovation sector.

It also deals with mobility issues related to the transportation of construction elements, as transport is expected to grow with the expected increase in the number of construction sites.

Brussels Economy and Employment, as the driver of the RENOLUTION logistics workshop, is pleased to invite you to the launch of the "Logistics" workshop on 31/01/2023 from 8.45am to 1.30pm at BEL Brussels (Brussels Environment, Tour et Taxis, Avenue du Port 86c, B-1000 Brussels).

Do you want to be part of this RENOLUTION? Register now and at the latest by 20/01 at 12:00pm

The agenda for the event is as follows:

  • 8.45am: Welcome
  • 9am: RENOLUTION, the regional ambition in terms of renovation and logistics by Isabelle Sobotka (Renolution Coordinator, Brussels Environment.
  • 9.15am: What are the logistic challenges of Shifting Economy and what are the links with * 9.30am: Ambitions of the Logistics Workshop by Esther Vaernewyck (Workshop Leader, Brussels Economy and Employment)
  • 9.50am: Organisation of the Logistics Workshop in 2023 (Renolution Facilitator, ICEDD)
  • 10am: Inspiring initiatives and feedback on logistics
  • 10.30am: Break
  • 10.50am: Inspiring initiatives and feedback on logistics (continued)
  • 11.25am: Interaction with the speakers on logistics problems and needs in the Brussels Region, and first thoughts on projects with I. Sobotka (BE), E. Vaernewyck (BEE), J. Dumont (Cabinet Trachte).
  • 12.30 - 1.30pm: Lunch

Feel free to forward this email to a more appropriate person within your organisation and share it with anyone who may be interested.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing this wonderful project together.

©, Philippe Braquenier
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