research project on the Brussels housing stock 1975-2000

Photo exhibition in the ‘Contact Point’ showcase of Urban during summer 2022

Under the theme ‘IS THIS HERITAGE?’, the Urban showcase is hosting a photographic exhibition of remarkable Brussels residential buildings from the period 1975-2000. This exhibition is part of the research project ‘The Brussels housing stock (1975-2000): building materials and heritage value’ (2021-25), which is being carried out by doctoral researcher Marylise Parein, the VUB Architectural Engineering department and Urban, with funding of Innoviris.

The research aims to increase the interest and recognition for the architecture of the last quarter of the 20th century, which is often misunderstood and poorly documented due to its young age.

The research aims, on the one hand, to provide knowledge on the building materials used in Brussels residential buildings from 1975-2000 to enable their restoration/renovation/reuse/maintenance, and, on the other hand, to establish a scientific framework for the valorisation of this young heritage based on the examination of current heritage values and criteria.

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