symposium Re/Building Brussels/Expo

This symposium will present the results of the research project "Building Brussels

The urban space of the Brussels Capital Region is constantly evolving. Innumerable entrepreneurs, woodworkers, plumbers and other craftsmen have made Brussels into what it is today. However, their sector faces specific challenges. In order to understand its complex needs, researchers of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel have taken a new, interdisciplinary look at the Brussels construction sector, both from a historic and a contemporary perspective, from 1695 to the present, in a project called 'Re/Building Brussels'.

This exhibition presents some of the research results. It shows the evolved relationship between the construction sector and the town. Who are the Brussels construction entrepreneurs? How do they operate? And where do they find the needed production space within the town? Urgent challenges come to the surface. They form a starting point for further research, to find out how the construction sector can be a pioneer in creating a circular economy, and how it can create local jobs that contribute to an inclusive labour market in Brussels.

Exhibition curator Matthijs Degraeve (VUB)

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