Webinars exhibition Victor Bourgeois (1897-1962)

Many of you visit our exhibition devoted to the work of Victor Bourgeois, organised by Urban and presented at the Halles Saint-Géry

The exhibition shows 33 projects that reflect the evolution of Bourgeois' architectural approach throughout his life.

On the margins of this event, Urban invites you to follow 8 live webinars with experts (architects, art historians, archivists), who will each present their view on one particular aspect of Bourgeois' oeuvre.

Please join us. The webinars are accessible through the conference links on this page.

  • 6 May 06:30 PM

Marc Dubois (architect Hon FRIBA, chairman of Docomomo Belgium)
Victor Bourgeois en Gaston Eysselinck : 1ste en 2de generatie modernisten in België. Conference in Dutch

  • 12 May 06:30 PM

Judith Le Maire (architect and doctor in Art History, vice-rector for foreign affairs at La Cambre Horta faculty of Architecture (ULB))
Gratte-Ciel et tasse à thé - La ligne panoramique urbaine. Conference in French

  • 18 May 06:30 PM

Irene Lund (coordinator of the archives of the La Cambre Horta faculty of Architecture (ULB))
Victor Bourgois et La Cambre. Conference in French

  • 19 May 06:30 PM

Jean-François Declercq (collector, curator, Maecenas and donor, founder of the non-profit art centre l'Atelier Jespers and 6+2 Editions)
Atelier Oscar Jespers. Conference in French

  • 26 May 06:30 PM

Rika Devos (engineer-architect, doctor in Engineering, professor at the BATir department (ULB-VUB)) Modern en commercieel? Victor Bourgeois en de paviljoenen van Eternit en Germinal op Expo 58. Conference in Dutch

  • 27 May 06:30 PM

Liedewij Elsen (art historian, monument policy advisor, Leuven)
De rol van Victor Bourgeois in de ontwikkeling van Kessel-Lo. Conference in Dutch

  • 1 June 06:30 PM

Cécile Mairy (engineer-architect, Origin Architecture & Engineering)
Cité Moderne. Restauration et rénovation du bâtiment d’angle de la Place des Coopérateurs. Conference in French

  • 2 June 06:30 PM

Jérémy Brakel(engineer-architect, Architecture Parallèles) and Jean Garcin(architect, Karbon)
Cité Moderne. Restauration des Bovenhuizen Conference in French

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