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Between tradition and modernity, the renovation of the Jubilé Bridge begins

The renovation works for the Jubilé Bridge, which spans the Parc Tour & Taxis, have commenced!

The project aims to restore this listed railway bridge while respecting its historical character. In addition, improvements for the safety and comfort of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles will be implemented.


Respect for heritage and modernity

The bridge will not only be restored structurally but also adapted to modern mobility needs. The main 80-metre deck will be replaced with a metal slab. Safety and comfort will be enhanced through separate lanes for each mode of transport (pedestrians, cyclists, and cars). However, the original rich and ornate decor will not be reinstated as the context has significantly changed over the past 120 years. The railings and lights, which had disappeared over time, will be reintroduced in a contemporary design that respects the historical lines and sense of simplicity.

Phases of work and impact on the neighbourhood

To minimise disruptions in the neighbourhood, the work will be carried out in phases:

  • Early Q4 - 2024: Preparatory work (setting up the site, restoring the structure under the bridge). No impact on mobility – current situation unchanged.
  • Early Q4 - 2024 to mid-2025: Dismantling of the bridge deck and complete closure of the bridge with a diversion plan.
  • Mid-2025 to early Q4 - 2025: Surface improvements (pavements, cycle paths, and roadway). The bridge will be reopened to cyclists and pedestrians.
Urban Com Pont Du Jubile Avant Apres Light
Jubilé Bridge in 2019 © → Projected view extracted from the permit request

And finally, an history about this fascinating bridge!

Constructed in 1904 and protected in 2007, the Jubilé Bridge is an exemplary steel bridge by engineer F. Bruneel and one of the first cantilever bridges in Brussels, distinguishable by its cantilevered lattice beams. It has a span of 80 metres and rests on blue stone pillars. Originally, it allowed safe passage over the Tour & Taxis railway lines, now transformed into a park.

With this renovation, the Jubilé Bridge will not only regain its former splendour but also become a modern and safe infrastructure, a link between the surrounding neighbourhoods and the developing Tour & Taxis park. This project is a close collaboration between, Urban, the SNCB and the Brussels-Capital Region.

Elevation Historique 1903 Sncb
Pont Jubile Photo Ancienne Delcampe
Jubilé Bridge © Delcampe