E-mails: disclaimer

The Regional Public Service Brussels Urbanism & Heritage (urban.brussels) uses e-mails to exchange information about its missions or while pursuing these missions.

The content of Urban's e-mails and any attachments is only intended for the people or organisations they are addressed to, and if applicable, only for the purpose or use mentioned in them.

These e-mails may contain confidential and/or inside information and/or information protected by intellectual property rights. Any use, modification, reproduction or distribution of this e-mail is prohibited, and its contents may not be divulged to anyone without permission.

Should you receive an e-mail from Urban by mistake, we ask you to delete it, not to open any attachments and to inform the sender. Furthermore, it is not allowed to copy or distribute a message that is not intended for you.

The content of this e-mail is the author's and does not bind Urban. Consequently, Urban is not responsible for its content, unless it contains an explicit and authentic declaration by one of its authorised representatives.

This e-mail is therefore an informal message and has no official value. Only a letter signed by the regional authority can bind Urban.

Sending data by electronic mail cannot be guaranteed to be secure, infallible and error-free, seeing as the information can be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete or contain viruses. Urban declines any responsibility for loss or damage resulting from the use of e-mails in any way. In case a verification is necessary, please request a paper copy.

Urban reserves the right to read and save all messages sent from and to its electronic addresses when the regulation allows this. Therefore, Urban advises third parties not to send personal messages to electronic addresses ending in @urban.brussels, but to use only personal electronic addresses for this, as well as the telecommunication applications of its staff members and representatives.

When Urban collects personal data per e-mail, it will do this in a manner consistent with its privacy policy.