About us

Urban.brussels (previously Brussels Urbanism and Heritage) is an administrative body in the Brussels Capital Region.

It supports territorial development by implementing regional policies relating to urban development, movable and immovable cultural heritage and managing operational programmes for urban revitalisation.

Among these fundamental areas of urban development, urban.brussels also provides administrative services related to subsidies for the restoration of the built heritage and for exterior embellishment and also provides legal advice related to the Brussels Land Management Code (CoBAT). Urban.brussels also plays a central role in raising public awareness of the fact that we are building the city of tomorrow today, linked, among other things, to the Brussels Land Management Code (CoBAT).

To accomplish this, urban.brussels offers a broad range of expertise, particularly in the fields of architecture, history, documentation and regulations, enabling it to optimise its response to citizens’ and users’ expectations.

To carry out these tasks, urban.brussels counts on a General Direction and 6 directorates:

  • The Urbanism Directorate
  • The Cultural Heritage Directorate
  • The Urban Renovation Directorate
  • The Knowledge and Communication Directorate
  • The Legal Affairs Directorate
  • The Staff and Organisation Directorate

Urban.brussels also hosts the secretariats of 3 independent bodies: the Royal Monuments and Sites Commission, the Urbanism College and the Environment College.