About us

Enhancing the heritage of yesterday and building the city of tomorrow.

urban.brussels (Urban) is the Brussels public administration responsible for the implementation of the Brussels Capital Region's policy with regard to urbanism, cultural heritage and urban renewal.

Urban contributes to the realisation of high-quality Brussels architecture, it plays a key role in the protection, enhancement and care for our regional heritage and it strives towards an enduring improvement of the quality of life in the various districts of the region. 

Urban offers grants and subsidies in order to improve Brussels houses and buildings as well as for the restoration of our heritage. Furthermore, it has a team of legal experts that proactively applies itself to all legislative aspects pertaining to these matters.

Urban also supports the development of a Brussels cultural policy and raises the awareness of the public for quality architecture from all eras. In that respect Urban carries out research projects, develops didactic materials and it organises a range of cultural events in order to unlock the Brussels architecture to the broad public. 

Based on a broad expertise, in particular in the field of history, architecture, documentation and regulation, Urban aims to develop a high-quality Brussels urban landscape whilst meeting its partners’ and citizens’ expectations.

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