"New ways of living"


Enhancing the heritage of yesterday and building the city of tomorrow.

Urban is responsible for managing renovation grants, implementing regional policy on urban planning, implementing regional policy on the conservation of movable and immovable heritage and managing operational programmes such as the Neighbourhood Contracts / Sustainable Neighbourhoods and the Urban Policy. → Read more

Submit and track a permit request.

MyPermit is the platform that allows you to submit, complete and track your planning and environmental permit applications online, as well as current public enquiries and permit decisions.

Art nouveau

Brussels, capital of Art Nouveau. On the occasion of Art Nouveau Brussels 2023, Urban finances a broad range of activities in order to promote and give greater publicity to Art Nouveau.

Brussels Architecture Prize 2023

Launched in 2021 by the Brussels Capital Region and co-produced by Urban and A+ Architecture in Belgium, the Brussels Architecture Prize honours Brussels and its architects.



The Cultural Heritage Directorate implements regional heritage conservation policy.

urban renewal

The Urban Renovation Directorate aims to fight cankers and repair the urban fabric.


To mark the 30th anniversary of the Sustainable Neighborhood Contracts (SNCs), Urban is hosting an exhibition that evaluates the successes of an inclusive and practical urban renewal policy in the Brussels Region.

urban.brussels (previously Brussels Urbanism and Heritage) is an administrative body in the Brussels Capital Region. Its main objective is to support the sustainable territorial development of the Region. Urban.brussels implements regional policy in terms of urban planning, cultural heritage and management of operational programmes for urban regeneration.

urban.brussels carries out missions relating to grants for the renovation and embellishment of facades as well as legal advice, in particular the reform of the CoBAT. Drawing on significant internal expertise, Urban.brussels plays a central role in raising public awareness of the fact that we are building the city of the future today.