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Brussels Urban Summit 2023

Get ready for the Brussels Urban Summit, from 12 to 15 june 2023 in Brussels.

This year, the Brussels-Capital Region will become the meeting place for urban experts, city leaders, urban planners and many other stakeholders and actors from all over the world at the Brussels Urban Summit.

For the first time, this summit will bring together three international conferences in one place: the 14th world congress of Metropolis, the annual conference of Eurocities and the sixth Summit of the Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth Initiative of OECD.

Urban is participating in the Brussels Urban Summit from 12 to 15 June and invites you to register now. Don't miss this event and discover visits, plenary sessions, case studies and networking moments to exchange ideas and define priorities for sustainable, affordable and liveable cities in the future. contributes as one of the Brussels partners to the Brussels Urban Summit

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