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New public spaces to enjoy the summer

The inaugurations of projects under various urban revitalisation tools are in full swing at the start of the summer season!

The Urban teams responsible for overseeing the development of these programmes have inaugurated no fewer than four parks and public spaces in recent weeks. 

  • Firstly, Pierre Paulus Park, which has received a facelift after two years of work as part of the "Parvis-Morichar" Sustainable District Contract (CQD) in Saint-Gilles. With the renovation of the boules pitch, the creation of new play areas and the redevelopment of the pond, the project promotes social cohesion by bringing together a wide range of activities and generations. Renovation work on the park, originally the Maison Pelgrims English garden, which was listed in 1997, has been carried out with the greatest respect for its original character. The project was designed by the companies Ledroit Pierret Polet and Pigeon Ochej Paysage.
Pierre Paulus Park
Parc Pierre Paulus ©
  • Next is Brigittines Park, which has been completely redeveloped thanks to the "Jonction" CQD project in Brussels-City. The culmination of three years' work and a lengthy participatory process involving all local stakeholders, this project offers a new 3,000 m² public space for meetings, relaxation and play and is dedicated to the quality of life of local residents. In addition to this major redevelopment, a "wood and metal workshop" has also been created along Rue du Miroir. We owe this project to the Générale collaborative platform. 
Brigittines Park
Parc Brigittines © François Lichtlé
  • Then comes Place Marie Janson, inaugurated as part of the "Parvis-Morichar" CQD in Saint-Gilles. The people of Saint-Gilles have regained one of their emblematic squares after several months of work. With its play areas, sports facilities, picnic areas, rest areas and meeting places, the square has been transformed and greened to the delight of young and old alike. A veritable urban park designed by VVV and Studio Paola Viganò, the project also involved the redevelopment and pedestrianisation of two adjacent streets - Rue de Moscou and Rue Jourdan.
Place Marie Janson
Place Marie Janson - Philippe Braquenier ©
  • Lastly, the "Cygnes" circular project by Karbon'architecture et urbanisme, provides an innovative new use for unoccupied space in the heart of a city block in Ixelles, as part of the City Policy (PdV - pillar 2). The project, which is on the site of the former Ixelles hostel and incorporates a whole series of circularity principles, consists of a public pocket park, a kinders ouders café (KOC) and a community house for senior citizens.
"Cygnes" circular project
Projet Cygnes - Séverin Malaud ©

More good news includes the granting of three planning permits for urban revitalisation projects: 

  • The green light has been given for the student housing and food market project on Rue Théodore Verhaegen 164 in Saint-Gilles, as part of CRU 4 "Avenue du Roi". This redevelopment project will see this former garage become a beautiful meeting place and an economic hub dedicated to healthy and sustainable food, at the heart of the Place Bethléem district. Project developed by V+.
  • A second planning permit has been granted for a mixed-use project on Rue de l'Abricotier, as part of the "Les Marolles" CQD in Brussels-City. The aim of the project is to use an empty corner plot to create the premises of the City of Brussels CPAS, housing, spaces for co-housers as well as a shop and a car park, while maintaining access to the Saint-Pierre hospital A&E department. The project is being carried out by B-Architecten and Veld.
  • And finally, the authorization has been delivered for a reconversion project as part of the "Petite Senne" CQD in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, which aims to revitalize this area of the canal and will complete the projects of the "Grande Halle" and its nursery, as well as workrooms and intergenerational housing. Two warehouses will be transformed by VERS.A into community facilities, including a socio-inclusive circus school, and a productive activity, including a bicycle repair shop.

Brigittines Park
Parc Brigittines © François Lichtlé