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Stroll through the Jean-Félix Hap Garden

The Jean-Félix Hap Garden is one of the protected parks in Brussels dedicated to relaxation and strolling, with an ecological and educational space located in the municipality of Etterbeek. This former private garden of the Hap family, hidden behind its inner block walls, remains little known except to the local residents, despite its ecological and landscape value. It can be accessed via Avenue d'Auderghem 191 and Chaussée de Wavre 508.

The park underwent significant renovation/restoration work as part of the flagship project of the Sustainable Neighborhood Contract Chasse-Gray. The redevelopment of the Jean-Félix Hap Garden, carried out by the architectural firm Skope, is the result of extensive participatory work conducted with the residents, local stakeholders, and Urban.

In the same vein, did you know that the "ruin" in Hap Park contains remains of the Hosnaegel Castle from the early 17th century? Owned by the municipality of Etterbeek, the property was known as the "ruin" because it lacked windows, doors, and a roof. In 2021, the installation of a temporary roof aims to protect the building before its restoration. It is on this occasion that an archaeological study in collaboration with Urban was scheduled to determine the elements belonging to the time of the Hosnaegel Castle and those resulting from various subsequent transformations.

The current building has a simple, rectangular plan that extends over two stories with attic space. The numerous openings currently visible in the side walls and the north gable all belong to the last phase of occupation of the site by the Hap family in the mid-19th century.

Two earlier phases belonging to the Old Regime have been identified, with the oldest represented by the lower part of the south gable, which includes a small cruciform loophole. This gable was indeed one of the two walls of the entrance to the property at the bridge over the moat, which existed until the end of the 19th century. Its low position, along with the presence of the top of an architectural plinth at ground level, reveals the significant raising of the circulation level around the building.

Feel free to wander in this green jewel of Brussels and enjoy walks on the park's numerous paths during this summer break.

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