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Urban Zoom competition 2023

Do you love Brussels, its cultural and urban heritage, its architecture and its public spaces? Then don't hesitate to enter the competition organized by Urban, whether you are an amateur or professional photographer!

This year, and for the first time, urban zoom has a theme: 'Your view of Art Nouveau in Brussels'. Throughout the year, Brussels' Art Nouveau heritage will be celebrated through a series of events that will give the public the opportunity to define their own vision of what Art Nouveau means in 2023.

This is why Urban is calling on your photographic talents: give us your personal vision of Art Nouveau and its integration in the city. Use photography to question this heritage of yesterday and illuminate it in the light of today, beyond the single prism of aesthetics through which this style has very often been reduced. Be inventive and give us your own perception of the Art Nouveau heritage. Let us feel all the emotion it brings you through your original and unpublished photographs!

Send us your best shots of Art Nouveau places you visit in your daily life, whether they be mansions or simple houses, shop windows or public facilities (schools, sports halls, etc.), old monuments, sculptures, parks, squares, streets, well-known or hidden places, furniture or events linked to Brussels Art Nouveau, etc.

Seized by day or by night, with or without protagonists, in broad perspective or through a detail, whatever your view, share your photographs with us.

We will have the pleasure of rewarding and exhibiting those which will have won over our jury!

urban zoom
Philippe Braquenier ©