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Inauguration: "Le Tombeau de sainte Acidule" by Elzo Durt

Madam Secretary of State responsible for Urban Planning and Heritage,

the ASBL Patrimoine et Culture and the ASBL Rubea Vallis,

are pleased to invite you to the inauguration of the artwork

“Le Tombeau de sainte Acidule” by Elzo Durt

commissioned by the Brussels Government as part of Art Nouveau Brussels 2023, directed by Urban and under the general coordination of curator Paul Dujardin,

Thursday, May 23rd 2024

  • at 6:00 pm
  • at the Maison du Prieur, rue du Rouge-Cloître 8, 1160 Auderghem
  • with the artist

→ The inauguration will be followed by a drink.

"Le Tombeau de sainte Acidule" : an art installation capturing the essence of an iconoclastic woman

Oeuvre "Le Tombeau de sainte Acidule"

A work of art that celebrates the life and passions of an iconic figure of the 1900s.

This unique installation pays vibrant tribute to her fascinating legacy, capturing her innovative spirit and quest for psychedelic experiences. A great lover of spaces encouraging freedom of expression, the installation will be placed opposite the Maison du Prieur in the Rouge-Cloître.

Designed to intrigue and captivate, the Tomb of Saint Acidule stands out at first glance with its luminous exterior, drawing visitors closer to discovering its mystery.

The structure, a bold combination of steel and Plexiglas, fuses past and future elements, reflecting the philosophy of Saint Acidule, who never ceased to defy the customs of her time.

The spellbinding illustrations that adorn the tomb’s exterior are the work of contemporary artist Elzo Durt, known for his mastery of surrealist art. These enigmatic images transport viewers into the complex and mystical world of Saint Acidule, with swirling floral motifs and figures that seem to dance in harmony with the spirit of Art Nouveau.

Inside, another dimension is unveiled. The darkness invites visitors to plunge into her tomb. Here, the legacy of Saint Acidule comes to life, revealing her passions and contradictions and capturing the very essence of this extraordinary woman.

The Tomb of Saint Acidule transcends the boundaries of a simple art installation to become a fully-fledged experience of this historic site.

It is a vibrant tribute to an unconventional soul, to her love of Art Nouveau and her psychedelic explorations that we invite you to discover. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Saint Acidule, a free woman from the imagination whom we would have loved to meet.

  • Installation by Elzo Durt
  • Designed and produced by Stéphane Pin and Cédric Gérard
Oeuvre "Le Tombeau de sainte Acidule"