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Cobat: Moving to more effective planning procedures

the external evaluation of the Brussels Planning Code available online

Urban and the Brussels Secretary of State for Heritage and Urban Planning Pascal Smet, in collaboration with all its partners including City Tools, BDO and, share with you the external evaluation of the Urban Planning Code of Brussels.

"In order to continue to move Brussels in the right direction and in an efficient manner so that it becomes a sustainable city on a human scale, we must adjust our procedures in line with our ambitions. We are now finding that we regularly come into confrontation with the limits of the current legislation. The aim of this external evaluation is to enable the various urban planning and development procedures to become better, more efficient, more transparent and faster than in the future.

On the basis of this external evaluation, a debate will be held and proposals will be made to adapt the procedures. The long-term objective is to help achieve more efficient, coherent, high-quality and timely renovation and (re)construction in Brussels.

To read the full report, click here. Have a look!

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