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A new edition of the ‘Summer School Art Nouveau’

From the beginnings of Art Nouveau to its apogee, from furniture to ornament, this year's program will highlight how the movement spread in Europe and infused society far beyond architecture. Participants will also explore the development of Art Nouveau in Brussels by following in the footsteps of pioneers such as Victor Horta, Paul Hankar and Henry van de Velde.

Thanks to a transnational and transdisciplinary team of lecturers, this Summer School offers a unique opportunity for students, academics and experts to meet and discuss current and future challenges related to preservation and renovation, cultural heritage and tourism, and the role of heritage as an economic resource.

The leading role of the Brussels Region in many Art Nouveau projects will also be highlighted.

Summer school - Heritage and innovation: Art Nouveau, past, present and future challenges.

Hannon House, construction site, december 2022
Construction site - December 2022 © Hannon House © Picture David Plas