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“Daughters” is welcomed at LAB·AN x Hotel van Eetvelde

Although the Art Nouveau style advocated for equality among all arts, at that time, gender parity was far from being a reality. 

Several Art Nouveau artists have been inscribed in history, yet they include few women, unless they are associated with men. Their invisibility is sometimes linked to the fragility of the chosen medium, but is most often due to the dictates of society, which lead to women’s work being overlooked and forgotten.

The “Daughters” exhibition, which was installed at the Halles Saint-Géry and in the Hotel des Monnaies Metro Station last October, where the general public can still admire it today, is now welcomed at the LAB-AN x Hotel van Eetvelde, in an adapted form. 

Discover eight Art Nouveau artists-decorators through the floral montages of scenographer Elléa Cartier, as well as the portraits of eight contemporary artists and craftswomen, made by photographer Barbara Salomé Felgenhauer. 

The photographic diptychs have been created to reflect each artist’s world, with a “half-body” portrait, reminiscent of portraits painted from the 17th century onwards, and a detail of the artist’s creative hands. Each of the contemporary artists is paired with an Art Nouveau artist using the same medium (textile, painting on silk, sculpture, engraving, etc.), creating a dialogue between past and present.

The aim is to make these artists better known and to observe how the medium they both use creates a genuine link between them.

→ Exhibition available until 13/05/2024

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