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Discover the LAB·AN x Hotel Van Eetvelde

Since 6 May 2023, a large number of visitors have visited the Hotel van Eetvelde, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thanks to the restoration/renovation work and the opening of the LAB·AN as part of the Art Nouveau 2023 year to promote tangible and intangible heritage, you can now discover the materials used by Victor Horta, the building's architect.

During the visits organised as part of the LAB·AN, you can identify and understand the links between the materials coming out of the colonisation of the Belgian Congo (exotic wood, ivory, etc.) and the context in which they were used.

Edmond van Eetvelde's role in the colonisation and administration of the former Belgian Congo is currently a matter of controversy, a subject that our partners van the LAB·AN intend to highlight as part of the range of tours devoted to Art Nouveau.

Find out more about all the tours and the programme of the LAB·AN x Hôtel Van Eetvelde.

Hotel Van Eetvelde
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