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More to come for Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Brussels 2023 programme may be over, but Art Nouveau will not fall into oblivion!

The least we can say is that the great many projects that have punctuated this richly filled and captivating programme have made it exceptional.

The aim of this programme was of course to introduce as many people as possible to our region’s architectural marvels, to stake Brussels’ claim as the Art Nouveau capital, but also to continue showcasing this cultural heritage in the long term. 

That is why Urban will continue to support and set up numerous initiatives aimed at promoting this iconic art form.

→ In fact, you can still take part in many activities over the coming months, including several exhibitions that are so successful that their run has been extended!

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Hôtel Ciamberlani
Séverin Malaud ©

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Our teams have also put together a series of information and resources for you to consult in order to delve deeper into this artistic trend that was aimed at bringing more beauty into everyday life. 

Discover the Brussels gems that are open to the public

Admire this exceptional heritage thanks to the Art Nouveau Pass

Learn more about this using Urban’s resources that have been made available

Stoclet 1911 Restitution
Séverin Malaud ©