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Place du Chatelain

The intention of the project is to create a "Garden Square," in which the installations and structures will make it easier for people to meet, stroll and relax. It will also provide an opportunity to improve the landscaping and environmental qualities of the square.

The linden trees, familiar symbols of the square, will be preserved and will be joined by an appropriate variety of plants. This will significantly reduce the effects of the urban heat islands to which our cities are increasingly being exposed.

The intention is to make the square flat, thereby turning it into a prime example of accessibility for people with limited mobility. The project will be made up of three parts, which can be identified based on the different spaces in which all users, from pedestrians to cyclists, but also commercial outlets (market traders and hospitality businesses), can find their place.

The first part of the scheme involves the creation of a sloping lawn, incorporating height differences and a diverse range of mixed planting.

In contrast, the heart of the square will provide space for refreshment, thanks to the inclusion of fountains. The space was conceived as a place where people will want to hang out and in which the market known as the 'Marché de la Place du Châtelain' or 'Kasteleinsmarkt' can easily integrate.

The third section, known as "the little forest," will be a welcoming space that invites you to take a seat on its stands and benches and to own the space as a place of conversation.

The future layout of the Place du Châtelain provides one possible response to the various challenges caused by climate change. Other aspects currently under consideration include water management and the possibility of collecting much of the rainwater and allowing it to percolate into the ground. 

place du chatelain