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(Re)discover Art Nouveau interiors with Inside Art Nouveau

What is behind the Brussels Art Nouveau façades? Are there any original interiors? Is the interior decor as beautiful as the façade?

So many questions frequently asked by Brussels residents, Art Nouveau enthusiasts, tourists and even walkers who roam the streets of Brussels, sometimes disappointed not to be able to enter these exceptional places.

→ The website - in its 2nd edition in 2023 - developed by Urban, provides answers to all those questions.

Designed to be viewed on all types of devices (computers, tablets, smartphones), this website will allow visitors, whether facing a building or sitting comfortably behind their screen at home, to discover Brussels Art Nouveau interiors inaccessible to the general public thanks to documents ranging from plans and photographs to old or contemporary postcards.

In order not to miss any surrounding buildings, visitors and internet users will be directed to other nearby Art Nouveau works thanks to a dynamic map incorporating a geolocation system.

Now linked to the Media Urban photo library and Wikimedia, the site will be enriched each year, as research in the archives is carried out.

Continue your discovery of this exceptional heritage as part of the Art Nouveau Brussels 2023 programme!

Inside Art Nouveau
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