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Check-out our dense "Art Nouveau" autumn programme

On the occasion of Art Nouveau Brussels 2023, Urban supports a broad range of activities in order to promote and further enhance Art Nouveau.

This autumn, take the time to explore our capital and admire this exceptional heritage!

Must-see exhibitions to (re)discover

Activities and festivals 

Captivating exchanges during numerous lectures

Unique guided tours

pHenomeen By Beloved Lab
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Works of contemporary art in the public space

Over the coming months, several works of art reinterpreting Art Nouveau will be supported and unveiled by Urban and its partners.

Discover the Brussels gems open to the public

Admire this exceptional heritage with the Art Nouveau Pass

Find out more using Urban's resources

The Art Nouveau Brussels 2023 programme is organised jointly by Urban, and their partners.

Hôtel Max Hallet
Séverin Malaud ©