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New ways of living

European cities are undergoing a major transition to respond to socio-cultural, economic and climatic challenges, in recent years accelerated by international crises. Moreover, our society is constantly evolving to meet changing values. In recent years, we are witnessing an acceleration in the diversification of ways of living and working.

The relationship between shared space and privacy has shifted, as well as between work and collectivity.

To address this transition and for a resilient, ecological and healthy habitat, good for all, place-based with an appropriate density to reduce urban sprawl, with a proper use for the available open space, it requires creative solutions both for existing and new built environment.

Whether it is for temporary or permanent housing, the traditional way of shaping our community can no longer be the only standard. In this way, cities become laboratories for sustainable solutions for an inclusive mix of new forms of living, working and leisure that go beyond market-based models.

With new ways of living today, we contribute to the city of tomorrow.

16/05/24 → 29/09/24
Les Halles Saint-Géry

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